A Secretary and her Boss were sitting in a modern office facing each other. The Boss, an absent-minded man, forgot to zip his fly and wear his underpants that morning. When she saw the Boss had not wore his underpants and forgot to zip his fly, the Secretary was embarrassed to inform him of his unpleasantness, so the Secretary tried to put it in a nicer way.

Secretary: "Boss, this morning, I passed your house your garage was opened." The surprised Boss said that when he came out, the garage was properly locked.
Secretary: "I'm sure your garage was open this morning."

So the Boss called his wife to checked whether the garage was open or not. His wife told him that the garage was locked the whole morning. After a while, the Boss was searching his pockets for a cigarette when he found out he had not wore his underpants and his zipper was undone. In order to save his own embarrassment, he asked the Secretary.

Boss: "You said my garage was open this morning, did you see my ROLLS ROYCE?"
Secretary: "No sir, all I saw was an old Mini with TWO SLOPPY PUNCTURED tires."
Boss: "In that case, how about a ride on my Mini tonight?"
Secretary: "I can't. I have driving lessons tonight. My boyfriend's teaching me "parallel parking" in his MERCEDES BENZ tonight..."
Boss: "It must be difficult to find parking space for a Mercedes Benz."
Secretary: "Yeah, especially when it occupies 2 MINI car parking space."