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    How to Make Your Dreams Come True

    This year Iíve achieved many of my dreams.
    Not goalsÖdreams.
    These are the big things that Iíve wanted to do but didnít think I could or should.
    Of the dreams achieved or will be achieved soon this year, here are some highlights:
    I started the Embrace Possibility blog
    And Ö
    Iím leaving next month for a trip around the world that includes an expedition cruise to Antarctica.
    If you asked me a few years ago whether I would have fulfilled just one of these dreams, I would have responded:
    ďMaybe if i win the lottery"
    Well, I didnít win the lottery (itís partially my fault since I donít play very much).
    So what does all this have to do with you?
    Well, if youíve read this far, I can bet itís not because youíre interested in me.
    So let me give you what you came for:
    If you want to achieve your dreams, here is what you should doÖ
    Choose a dream

    The first thing you need is a dream.
    It sounds obvious but many people struggle with this.
    It is tempting to pick the perfect dream and this need for perfection can paralyze you.
    What you want to remember is that this is not a one time deal. Youíll have many dreams and there is no reason why you canít fulfill most if not all of them.
    My advice to you is to just choose one and make that decision now.
    Commit to your dream

    Now that youíve chosen your dream, itís time for you to commit.
    The only way to commit is by taking action towards your dream every day.
    So what action do you take?
    I donít know but there is someone out there who does. Whatever dream you may have, chances are there is someone out there who has already done it. Your next step after choosing a dream is to find those people who have already done what you want to do and ask them how they do it.
    TheInternet and if you are not a people person, there is a book or internet article out there covering exactly what you want to do (Iím serious, do a search).
    Once youíve learned how to make dreams come true, use that information to create your step-by-step plan. Start with your monthly milestones then your weekly deliverables and then finally breaking those down into your daily tasks.
    Follow your dream

    Now is the exciting part.
    Just begin working your plan.
    Everyday no matter what you do, make time to do the daily tasks thatíll bring your closer to your dream.
    Thatís how I did it and it works.
    Itís not going to be easy so make sure you donít make any mistakes

    When you achieve your dream, it is rewarding.
    Very rewarding.
    Take time to enjoy that moment and to appreciate yourself.
    This will give you more confidence to go for your next dream. Usually I find, dreams get bigger and bigger as you begin to achieve them.
    Life is much better when you wake up everyday and all youíre doing is going for your dreams.
    What are you waiting for?
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    Keep Enjoying the Cruise

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    Re: How to Make Your Dreams Come True

    hmmm .. according av dream is a wish that is always there in the mind and the mind.

    if already great desire and determination that round, then the dream is not just a dream only, but it is a goal to be achieved.

    initial dream of the spirit of life, the dreams we become more spirit but not beyond our capacity as human beings.

    chase dreams and make the skies .. always encouraging in life


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